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Jacob's Ladder remake to end our collective hallucination that Jacob's Ladder already happened

It’s been 23 years since Adrian Lyne’s psychological thriller Jacob’s Ladder first made people have dark thoughts about Vietnam and the New York subway, rather than regarding them as kick-ass America-times and the fun city choo-choo, respectively. But as it turns out, those 23 years since Jacob’s Ladder ended were all just a terrible dream: The Hollywood Reporter says we’ll soon awake to find we’re living Jacob’s Ladder all over again. Jeff Buhler, screenwriter behind The Midnight Meat Train, is drafting a new Jacob’s Ladder that’s understandably billed as less remake than “homage,” given that by now most Vietnam vets would have already had their creepy hallucinations if they were gonna have them, and also the fact that everyone already knows the original’s twist ending, so they probably can’t do that again. Instead, this Jacob’s Ladder will introduce all-new characters and situations, yet still similarly “examine issues and pose existential questions” (while also using the Jacob’s Ladder name, since that’s what people recognize). Presumably it will involve a PSTD-afflicted drone, who becomes increasingly suspicious it was programmed to kill.


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