We don’t know very much about London Has Fallen, the upcoming sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, other than that it will be the English-language directorial debut of Swedish filmmaker Babak Najafi, it will have most of the same actors, and it will probably follow the same basic plot. Anything beyond that, though, is anyone’s guess. Like, will London Has Fallen open close to a similar movie about London getting attacked, but with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum in the Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler roles? Will one of its villains help the terrorists with their evil plot, only to completely jump ship and join the good guys once Gerard Butler kicks his ass for a few minutes? We’ll just have to wait until the movie comes out to find the answers to those burning questions.

One thing we do know, however, is that Watchmen‘s Jackie Earle Haley will be in the movie as—get this—a character we barely know anything about. The Wrap says he’ll be playing Deputy Chief Mason, but any other information about his character wasn’t “immediately available.” So we don’t know what he’s the Deputy Chief of, and we don’t know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. Of course, we’re talking about Jackie Earle Haley here, and at the risk of making assumptions about him being typecast, he’s probably going to be a bad guy. Maybe he’s the Deputy Chief Of Staff, and he hates all of the little errands President Aaron Eckhart makes him run, so he helps the terrorists try to kill him. Or maybe he’s the Deputy Chief of Terrorists, and he’s the second or third highest-ranking guy on the terrorist team. Or maybe Deputy Chief Mason is his whole job description, and he’s actually a guy who builds stuff out of stone. Either way, he’s probably going to be a villain.