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Finally doing away with pretense and creating an amusement park explicitly dedicated to head injuries, increasingly self-reflective action star Jackie Chan says he’s building a Beijing theme park dedicated to China’s favorite pastime, Jackie Chan. Dubbed “JC World,” even though it should obviously be called Chan-land, Chan says the park will be divided into five sections devoted to different themes and “cultural experiences”—like Six Flags, but instead of celebrating the heritages of diverse regions, it celebrates some stuff that Jackie Chan bought.


“I want to exhibit all my stuff. They may not all be worth a lot of money, but they may have a story behind them,” Chan said of his shelving unit that will also be an amusement park, where visitors can spend the day riding the rollercoaster of emotions that is looking at Chan’s “special furniture, antique houses, and jewelry,” if not riding actual rollercoasters. Indeed, Chan didn’t say whether there would be any rides at all, though he did add that the park will feature some of his collection of “10 historic Chinese sandalwood houses” you can look at, thus replicating for ticket purchasers the feeling of being in one of his movies and getting kicked in the balls by Jackie Chan.

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