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According to Deadline, Silver Linings Playbook’s Jacki Weaver has signed on to Starz’s Blunt Talk, the upcoming comedy series created by Seth MacFarlane and Bored To Death’s Jonathan Ames. The series will star Patrick Stewart as Walter Blunt, a British newsman who moves to the United States to get drunk, screw around, and then maybe do a news show. Weaver will play Rosalie Winter, his “straight-talking, tough, and motherly producer-manager.” Now, we’re pretty sure that Patrick Stewart is an old man at this point, so we don’t know why his producer-manager has to be “motherly,” but we assume it has something to do with TV conventions and every shenanigan-prone man needing a stuffy woman behind him to tell him not to do fun/funny things. It’s not like a Seth MacFarlane show has ever done that, though.


Also joining the series is The King’s Speech’s Adrian Scarborough, who will play Harry Chandler, Stewart’s manservant. We figured that part would go to Ian McKellen, but since Blunt Talk has already been given a two-season, 20-episode order, he still has some time to show up. If not, maybe the two of them can make another X-Men movie together. Either way, they’re probably off having loads of fun right at this very moment.

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