Portending a day when man confronts time's passage and the lengthening shadows of his balls, Paramount seems to be preparing to announce Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa, a sequel that would apparently feature a prominent role for Johnny Knoxville's titular, aging makeup-enhanced alter ego seen in the video below. The discovery was made by What Culture, who was rewarded for paying attention to these kinds of things by getting the scoop that the studio has recently registered various domain names like "jackass4badgrandpa.com" and "badgrampa.com," suggesting—as with the reveal of the title of the James Bond movie Skyfall, only less silly—that it's developing a fourth entry in its masochist movie series. Of course, it's also possible that Paramount simply wants to prevent anyone from creating a grandpa-spanking website. In which case, we offer them our gratitude, and alert them to the fact that "BadGrandpa.com" is still on the market, so please buy that one too. [via Coming Soon]