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Illustration for article titled Jack Whites Third Man Records to debut gimmicky new store, release new material on Black Friday

As expected, Jack White has another project in the works. This time, instead of a new album, weird collaboration, or impromptu concert in the woods, he's expanding the Nashville-based Third Man Records store. Third Man Novelties Lounge is the newest addition, including Jack White-themed coin-operated gadgets (running exclusively on custom Third Man tokens) and other Third Man-infused novelty relics and odd, old-timey contraptions, such as a Scopitone—an old jukebox that plays 16mm music videos—updated to play modern music. The lounge will also feature an analog "Dip n' Dunk," full-color photo booth, and a plastic injecting Mold-a-Rama machine that makes a bright red mold of Jack White's Airline guitar.


Third Man is also prepping several new/old releases to celebrate both the Lounge's opening and Record Store Day's annual Black Friday event, including a limited-edition 7-inch of “I’m Shakin’ from White's Blunderbuss, and reissues of three singles from The White Stripes: "Dead Leaves & the Dirty Ground," "Hotel Yorba," and "Fell In Love With A Girl." Unfortunately, the Blunderbuss single will only be available at the Nashville store, while The White Stripes reissues will be sold in extremely limited quantities. So only those Black Friday shoppers with patience and good luck will score.

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