Having put records on vintage X-rays and liquid-filled vinyl, Jack White is taking his love for the LP into a whole new—or, rather, old—direction. White’s Nashville-based Third Man Records store is adding a refurbished 1947 Voice-O-Graph machine to its Novelties Lounge, giving fans the ability to immediately press their own voice and/or music to vinyl.

The machine can put up to two minutes of audio on a 6-inch record, meaning any rube off the street can be a published musician now. According to Third Man, the machines were an arcade staple during the middle of the 20th century (you may remember their cameo the movie Badlands) before disappearing in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Like their vintage compatriots, patrons of the Third Man Recording Booth will be encouraged to mail their LP messages to friends and family, with the store providing special mailers and stamps for that purpose.


Anyone who records in the booth will be able to submit their grunts and screeches to White and company for streaming on a special part of the Third Man website.