Karen Elson, Jack White’s ex-wife, has slapped him with a restraining order after an extended period of alleged harassment. Elson also claims that White is not fit to be a parent to their two children, Scarlett and Henry. The order was granted yesterday in Nashville, where the two live, and the supporting documents find Elson leveling some pretty stern charges against White. For instance, she says that she “fears for her and the children’s safety as a result of [White’s] harassment,” and that the two have been fighting over parenting for months. Elson also says White has a nasty temper and a tendency to send angry e-mails and texts. This comes, sadly, just two years after White and Elson threw themselves a party to celebrate their amicable divorce.

Elson’s claims also include a couple of music-related blind items relating to White’s alleged temper. For instance, Elson claims that White wanted to remove their kids from a private school class because another entertainer’s kid was in the class, with Elson saying that White feels that said entertainer “ripped off” his music. White also allegedly berated Elson for attending the wedding of another entertainer who White also feels “ripped off” his music. The musicians are unnamed in the filing, but we have our guesses. (Update: Yep, it's Dan Auerbach and The Black Keys.)


As a relatively cool side note to this whole sad story, the filing was reported by Nashville reporter Bobby Allyn, who was working on the story for the daily paper, The Tennessean. Shortly after he got the scoop yesterday he was laid off, at which point he walked across the street to the Nashville City Paper and offered them the story. They said yes, of course.