Following reports that he said Lady Gaga is “all artifice,” Jack White has issued a statement blaming the media for twisting his words. In a blog post on the Third Man Records site, White says he never said anything about Gaga's music specifically, but was instead just “in a conversation about the drawbacks of image for the sake of image”—something Lady Gaga would certainly not know anything about. He also said he wishes her peace and complimented her for her work on gay rights issues.

White is blaming Esquire UK’s journalists for twisting his words, saying, “If you’re going to try to cause drama, at least get the quotes right.” He’s also particularly irked at NME, who he says “put whatever words they feel like between two quotation marks and play it off as a quote.” White also says he thinks the new wave of music tabloid journalism stifles artists’ voices, encouraging them to churn out soundbites rather than real opinions.