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Illustration for article titled Jack White releasing his Bonnaroo performance as—what else—a box set

Jack White’s latest vinyl geek box set is due later this fall. As part of Third Man’s ongoing vault series, the label will release audio of White’s 2014 Bonnaroo headlining set spread out over three blue, white, and black LPs. The set also includes a professionally edited DVD of the performance, as well as other related ephemera, including a patch, a replica backstage pass, and a “custom-designed USB” with “super-secret extra added bonus material.”


Of course, there’s a little bit of a catch: The set retails for $60 and, as mentioned above, is part of the label’s vault series, which means it’s for subscribers only. For those who do decide to subscribe, every three months you’ll be sent another bundle of exclusive Third Man material. Other benefits include early access to concert tickets, links to stream certain events, and access to the vault chat room, where both White and various Third Man staffers pop in for live chats every so often.

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