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Jack White is turning “We’re Going To Be Friends” into a children’s book

(Photo: Lester Cohen/Getty Images)

Jack White is about to add “children’s author” to his various other credits. (Musician, vinyl producer, guy with his own baseball card.) White’s Third Man Books imprint announced today that it’s releasing We’re Going To Be Friends, a kids’ book version of the classic White Stripes song. It’s not clear if White wrote extended prose for the book, or if it just reprints the lyrics, which recount a cheerful, sleepy day at school. Either way, Elinor Blake, who worked as an animator on Ren And Stimpy and Pee-wee’s Playhouse, and who performs music under the name April March, is illustrating.

Purchases of the book will come with a digital copy of the original song, plus a new version performed by The Woodstation Elementary School Singers. The book is scheduled to come out on November 7 of this year, just a few months after The White Stripes’ 20th anniversary as a band. You can preorder the book right here.

(Image: Third Man Books)

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