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Jack White, Eddie Vedder, and 50 Cent are getting their own baseball cards

Finally reaching the heights of fame normally reserved for athletes, Star Wars characters, and children living in garbage pails, Jack White, Macklemore, and several other celebrities are getting the Topps trading card treatment. The First Pitch card set, which will also include Jeff Bridges, Eddie Vedder, and 50 Cent, commemorates ceremonial first pitches performed during the 2014 MLB season, as well as one of only six times Jack White has smiled in public.


You can see the entire list, courtesy of Beckett Baseball, below. It’s clearly never been a better time to be a kid in America, swapping mint Tom Morello cards back and forth on the playground, trying to talk your friends into letting go of a slightly foxed Biz Markie, and desperately attempting to unload all your duplicate Macklemores on someone before your mom ironically donates them to a thrift store.

FP-01 Jeff Bridges — Los Angeles Dodgers
FP-02 Jack White — Detroit Tigers
FP-03 McKayla Maroney — Chicago White Sox
FP-04 Eddie Vedder — Chicago Cubs
FP-05 Biz Markie — Oakland Athletics
FP-06 Agnes McKee — San Diego Padres
FP-07 Austin Mahone — Atlanta Braves
FP-08 Jermaine Jones — Los Angeles Dodgers
FP-09 Tom Willis — Baltimore Orioles
FP-10 Graham Elliot — Chicago Cubs
FP-11 Tom Morello — Chicago Cubs
FP-12 Macklemore — Seattle Mariners
FP-13 Suzy – Los Angeles Dodgers
FP-14 50 Cent – New York Mets
FP-15 Meb Keflezighi — Boston Red Sox

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