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David James Swanson: A Life, A Dream, A Pocket On A Shirt

If you’re Jack White, you can release a new album from your otherwise-idling supergroup with no plans to tour, and instead pour some of that energy into promoting your record label’s T-shirt sales. White’s Third Man Records has “released” a new pocket T-shirt that will blow minds and/or hold sunglasses, so naturally he directed a silly video to pique consumer interest.

The promotional film, titled David James Swanson: A Life, A Dream, A Pocket On A Shirt, chronicles the life of (fictional) aspiring T-shirt designer Swanson, who’s actually the frontman for Whirlwind Heat. The film sees Swanson overcome the difficulties of having a naysaying mother and an absentee father to become a photographer, director, musician and, eventually, T-shirt designer. Swanson hits it big when he challenges the uninspired designs of crewnecks everywhere with his idea for a left-breast pocket, and ends up on the Hawaiian vacation his mother always wanted (instead of a “failure” son).


The shirt, which goes on sale Friday, features the Third Man Records logo on the pocket and a cocktail cutout to place in said pocket. A limited edition includes a gold-thread chain stitched to the inside and a flexi-disc with two “Hawaiian” covers of Whirlwind Heat songs. Whether or not you’re into fashion, you should check out White’s short film below.


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