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Jack White continues ballpark shenanigans, throws out 1st pitch to Santa Claus

Last week, Jack White’s natural, non-Black Keys nemesis—the Internet—ran wild with a photo of the former White Stripes frontman at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, apparently expressing a century of Cubs-related disappointment and frustration in a single image. Following wall-to-wall coverage of the Jack White Is Your Local Ballpark Grump tour, the musician issued a hearty “get behind me, online news sources looking to satisfy the gaping content maw” last night, by throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a game between his hometown Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox. ““It’s just one of those days you throw a split-fingered fastball to Santa Claus,” White told the Detroit Free Press—neither euphemism nor non sequitur, but rather a dream made into wonderful reality by the Tigers’ “Christmas In July” promotion. Here’s the photographic proof, which comes from Comerica Park in 2014 and not backstage at a Flaming Lips show circa Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.


White even managed to look like he was enjoying the honor, cracking a few smiles while exchanging pre-pitch words with the Tigers. Having put to bed any rumors that he hates the national pastime, White then provided more material to keep the Internet jawing, showing reporter Brian McCollum what the musician claimed to be the only existing world-championship ring from the disgraced 1919 White Sox squad. Not to be outdone, The Black Keys have already announced their next LP, Actually, We Helped The White Sox Throw The 1919 World Series.

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