Drop and do some one-armed push-ups for the man, or do a "pick up the gun" (a la Shane) routine with the person nearest you: Jack Palance has died in his 80s (his exact age is apparently disputed) after a long and varied acting career.

Palance will probably be remembered best as one of the great badasses of the Western genre and/or the kinda-badass of the City Slickers movies. But don't forget all those other performances, including his brilliantly loathsome portrayal of a womanizing American movie producer in Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt. (Also don't forget that, despite that distinctly American voice and swagger, he was actually of Ukranian descent). He was more versatile than people are likely to give him credit for, and, as City Slickers demonstrated, was better than most actors at adapting his work to aging.

Before his acting career began,the 6' 3" Palance was a professional heavyweight boxer. He also earned a Purple Heart after being injured as an Army pilot in World War II.