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Jack Chick learns a valuable lesson in this comic tract

Illustration: The Nib

Of all the temptations dangled in front of us by the Father Of Lies, few are stronger than using Jack Chick’s iconic comic pamphlet format against him. The stark, two-color cover with a simple bolded title combined with the sanctimonious and questionably drawn comic within makes them an easy target for satire. So it was in life, and Chick’s passing earlier this week doesn’t seem likely to change that. Some things are truly immortal. Comic site The Nib put together its own Chick tract detailing the fate of the famous Evangelical publisher.


Right up to the end, Chick is certain to stay on top of today’s trends.

Chick’s most reviled holiday isn’t as despised as he thought.


In heaven, you can keep your ponytail, but apparently only Jesus can have a beard.

You can find the comic in its entirety here.


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