According to Deadline, Jack Black’s Electric Dynamite Productions and Reveille have picked up the rights to A.J. Jacobs’ non-fiction bestseller My Life As An Experiment, with an eye on turning it into a half-hour comedy series. For the unfamiliar, the book chronicles Jacobs’ 10-month-long immersion in various forms of self-improvement—including following George Washington’s “110 Rules Of Life,” pretending to be a single woman in order to explore dating, eliminating all irrationality from his decision-making, and telling only the absolute truth about everything—with mostly funny, occasionally enlightening results. Jacobs is said to be looking forward to helping Black and Reveille adapt his book, although his role would seem to be mostly advisory, as the show is still searching for a head writer to bring the project together. Reveille executive producer Carolyn Bernstein called Jacobs’ stories “tailor-made for television,” which is true in the sense that they have an easily marketable gimmick and even feature a put-upon wife who quickly tires of Jacobs’ shenanigans. Keep your phone on, Joely Fisher.