As we reported back in April, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are going to be taking their hilarious height difference from the upcoming spy comedy Central Intelligence to a new Jumanji movie, which is said to be a remake of the Robin Williams-starring 1995 original. That movie was about a family that had been ripped apart by a magic board game, a boy whose life was ruined when he got trapped in a terrifying jungle dimension, and some new kids whose lives were almost ruined by the evil board game, but at this point we don’t know whether Hart and Johnson will be playing the kids or if one of them will be the Robin Williams character.

What we do know, though, is that they’ll be joined by Jack Black on their traumatizing board game adventure. That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which got the news from a post on Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram. In the post, Johnson referred to Black as “a brilliant actor,” and he says that Black will give “a performance of a lifetime” in the film—adding “when we reveal his character you’ll understand,” which seems…suspicious. Johnson also says that there are “two big roles” left to be cast: A “badass girl” and a “semi-sorta badass dude,” so that definitely makes it sound like this won’t be a very faithful remake of the old Jumanji movie.


Jumanji is being directed by Jake Kasdan, and it’s set to be in theaters in 2017.