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Jack Black says he wants to retire soon

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It’s a shame that the new Jumanji movie isn’t great, because it might be Jack Black’s final film. Speaking with Balance, Black revealed that he’s “kind of enjoying the idea of early retirement” and might do “maybe one more movie.” He notes that he has other things in the pipeline, including something that is apparently too early to reveal and that he doesn’t want to jinx, but he says he has “a couple of tricks up my sleeve.” Once he’s done with whatever those are, though, he thinks he’ll be ready to “wrap it up” and “ride off into the sunset.”


He explains that a big part of his desire to step away from movies is that he doesn’t like being away from his wife and two sons for too long, noting that he’d be willing to do TV instead so he can “work the nine-to-five and then get back home,” but he also says he doesn’t like to make plans—so even his plan to stop making movies might not really hold up under much weight. “Obviously, if Tarantino comes a-knocking, I’m gonna do that movie,” Black adds, referencing another guy who keeps talking about how much he wants to retire soon, so he’s willing to do whatever Quentin Tarantino wants (assuming Tarantino wants him do anything, of course). Still, whether Black stops making movies or not, it sounds like he still has plans for Tenacious D—though his hints to Balance about what those plans may be are all as tongue-in-cheek as his promise to be in Tarantino’s final movie.

Basically, Jack Black might retire and he might not retire, and he might go out with the biggest Tenacious D show that the world has ever seen or maybe he won’t.

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