Now that his role as America’s go-to funny movie fat guy has been more or less Galifianakis’d, Jack Black is looking to explore other avenues of manic expression—specifically television, as part of the overall development deal he signed with The Office/Family Guy production company Reveille earlier this year. While Black is still developing his first project, an adaptation of A.J. Jacobs’ My Life Is An Experiment, he’s now also branching out into animation with the half-hour cartoon Tiny Monsters, which concerns mean, bitchy girls in junior high. In fact, its working title was apparently Little Bitches, which (as with Good Christian Bitches) is both something that would never fly and yet would all but guarantee increased ratings for its pilot, at least.

The script is being handled by Ali Rushfield, a former writer for Undeclared and the short-lived Ted Danson sitcom Help Me Help You. Black is not yet expected to lend his Kung Fu Panda/Ice Age voiceover talents to the project, although it seems like a given that he’d show up in there somewhere. Tiny Monsters is part of the seemingly endless roster of new animation shows being developed for Fox, and another in the ongoing series of movies and TV shows that present adolescent girls as the embodiment of all that is evil in the world. Writers: Our inability to let go of high school is, as always, your gain.