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Jack Black and Tim Robbins to team up for HBO comedy that doesn’t sound like a comedy at all

HBO is developing a new comedy series with Jack Black and Tim Robbins called The Brink, and let’s just say its premise doesn’t make it sound like the next Modern Family. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show is about “a geopolitical crisis and its effect on three disparate and desperate men.” Robbins will be playing U.S. Secretary Of State Walter Hollander, with Black as Alex Coppins, “a lowly foreign service officer.” Again, this is an HBO comedy series.

Since Robbins and Black are only two disparate and desperate men, The Brink will be rounding out its trio with a character The Hollywood Reporter describes as “ace Navy fighter pilot Zeke Callahan,” who has yet to be cast. Presumably, ace Navy fighter pilot Zeke Callahan will only ever be addressed as such in the show, because anything less would be a crime.


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