Somebody from the gossip pages of The New York Post was listening to Jack Black's appearance on the Howard Stern radio show the other day, and they graciously reported the juiciest gossip for non-Sirius subscribers: Apparently the wacky funnyman has a beef with Entourage star Jeremy Piven. Or, rather, Piven has a beef with Black.

Jack Black says Jeremy Piven is holding a six-year grudge against him because he beat the "Entourage" star for the role of the record-store geek in "High Fidelity." Black told Howard Stern on Sirius that as he talked to a director at a recent premiere, Piven "stepped in and all of a sudden he was talking to the director and I was standing there facing the back of his head. I was like, 'Whoa, dude! What are you doing? You just cut me off' . . . He turned around and there was this strange, awkward tension." Could he take Piven in a fight? "I don't know, apparently he's a yoga master," Black quipped. A Piven rep insisted, "He loves Jack Black."

Wow, what great actors. Who knew two of America's brightest comic talents were actually 7th grade girls?