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Ja Rule made a colossally stupid barnyard cartoon

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Having reached the stage of every past-their-peak celebrity’s career in which they say “fuck it” and do anything the public asks of them, rapper, terrible singer, 50 Cent nemesis, and Fyre Fest alum Ja Rule has just unveiled his debut cartoon, a CGI atrocity about a bunch of talking animals called Ja Rule’s Banyard.

It’s, in the words of the man himself, murrr-derrr to watch, but those who make it through will be rewarded with an introduction to instantly iconic characters such as “divorced giraffe,” “cop duck,” and “heavily-mascaraed frog.” They’re voiced by Ja and his family through blown-out mics and portrayed in lumpy computer graphics that sway around like underwater ferns and look out at the viewer with bulging cartoon eyes.

The story is presented by “Farmer Rule,” who holds a pitchfork and wears the agricultural uniform of a jean jacket, camo shorts, and no shirt. It’s bad on purpose in a way that doesn’t lessen the effect of how bad it is, peppered with topical jokes about Tiger King and “dark humor” about animal trafficking and Ja eating one of his talking barnyard animals.

The video was made for Celebrity Show-Off, which previously encouraged Ja to make that Greek restaurant commercial, and is generally just helping the guy on his quest to capitalize on a new surge of scam-enabled notoriety. If he’s not hurting anybody in the process, we suppose this is all well and good. But remember, no matter how affable Ja may make himself look going forward, do not trust him. The last thing we want is for a bunch of intentionally stupid videos leading to anyone getting, like him, “hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked,” or “lead astray” by whatever festival he promotes in the future.


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