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These days, Ja Rule is more famous for his hand in the disastrous Fyre Festival than he is for his rap career (though even during his rap career he was probably more famous for getting wholly outmatched in his feud with 50 Cent), but now he’s returning to the thing he used to do with a tribute to the thing he does now, releasing a track called, simply, “FYRE”—ostensibly an acronym meaning “For Your Real Entertainment.” As reported by Consequence Of Sound, the song isn’t explicitly about the hilariously doomed festival, but it is… definitely meant to be about the Fyre Festival, or at least an idealized version where all of the bad stuff that made the stranded influencers mad was actually super cool.


COS actually notes that it sounds more like a “joke track someone else made,” but we think it’s tough to argue with brilliant lines like “The fest, the festival is on fire/We don’t need no water, make that motherfucker hotter.” There’s also a little brag from Ja Rule about getting sued over the festival, which he recently acknowledged maybe involved a little bit of fraud, so it is all clearly a bit tongue-in-cheek (to the point that the art for the track features a crayon drawing of the infamous cheese sandwich that was offered to attendees when it started to become clear just how poorly planned the whole thing was).

Ja Rule also promises a new album next year, but as 2019 begins to wind down, maybe this can be the last we ever hear of the Fyre Festival?

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