The A.V. Club has learned that Thorns Of Life, the new outfit featuring guitarist-vocalist Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil fame, is currently recording its debut album with J. Robbins. Robbins, himself the former frontman of Jawbox and Burning Airlines (and current leader of Channels), helmed all of Jets To Brazil's albums, not to mention others from Against Me!, Murder By Death, Jimmy Eat World, and a bunch more. It'll be Schrwarzenbach's first album since Jets To Brazil's 2002 swan song, Perfecting Loneliness.

Thorns Of Life debuted late last year, with former Crimpshrine drummer and zine luminary Aaron Cometbus on drums and actress Daniela Sea on bass. Rumors have circulated Robbins would handle bass duties on the record—as he has in Report Suspicious Activity and with Government Issue back in the day—though he told The A.V. Club "Dale Nixon" would be on the album. (At least a few people have used that as a pseudonym, dating back to Black Flag's My War.)

Regardless, Thorns Of Life hews closer to Jawbreaker than Jets To Brazil, so fans looking to relive the glory days of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy may be psyched. There's no word on a release date or label, though Schwarzenbach said in a recent interview that the band may self-release. In the meantime, fans can download Thorns Of Life's set from legendary Berkeley punk club 924 Gilman St. here or watch this crappy video: