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J.Lo sued for insufficient hoverboard enthusiasm

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Proving that even seemingly bottomless supplies of charisma have their limits, Jennifer Lopez is being sued for failing to make hoverboards look sufficiently cool. Sidekick Group, a company that manufactures last year’s second-most accidentally explosive consumer trend, is taking J.Lo to court for failing in her contractual obligations to promote its brand on social media.

In exchange for providing 42 of its products to Lopez’s Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas, the Shades Of Blue star apparently agreed to post on Twitter or Instagram about the boards once every three months. But she seems to have actually only done so exactly once, back in May of last year:


Sidekick is suing Lopez for $54,390, a.k.a. the cost of 42 of the company’s ridiculously expensive wheeled fads. (Meanwhile, there’s still no word on who we get to sue for sticking an awesome name like “hoverboard” on what’s basically a Segway with the handles cut off.)

[via Variety]

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