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J.K. Simmons, Jane Lynch, and more will star in Kevin Pollak’s first film


As reported by Variety, Kevin Pollak is getting ready to make his directorial debut with The Late Bloomer, an adaptation of Ken Baker’s 2001 memoir Man Made: A Memoir Of My Body. The book, as told by Variety, is about Baker “going through puberty for the first time at age 30 after having a pituitary tumor removed.” Baker was a correspondent for E! News in real life, but the movie version will apparently change his job to “sex therapist”—and he also probably won’t be named Ken Baker.

Despite the fact that this will be his first time directing a film, Pollak also happens to be a pretty famous actor, so he managed to pull in some big names (at least as far as people like us are concerned) for Late Bloomer. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’s Johnny Simmons will star, with Pitch Perfect’s Brittany Snow playing “the girl next door,” J.K. Simmons and Maria Bello playing the main guy’s parents, Jane Lynch playing the guy’s boss, and Ken Marino, Kumail Nanjiani, Beck Bennett, Paul Wesley, Ileana Douglas, Charlotte McKinney, Vanessa Ragland, Blake Cooper, and Lenora Crichlow playing other roles that we know nothing about. Variety says production has already started in Los Angeles, but it will soon “shift shooting to Bulgaria,” which seems a little weird.


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