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J.K. Simmons and Julie Delpy to star in serious drama The Bachelors


In a slight departure from his usual roles, which tend to involve yelling about Spider-Man or being intentionally obtuse in order to annoy the red M&M, J.K. Simmons has joined the cast of The Bachelors, an upcoming film that Deadline describes as being “similar to the powerful drama Ordinary People.” Simmons will be playing a widower with a 17-year-old son who moves from a small town to Los Angeles in hopes of getting a fresh start. In L.A., Simmons and his son will meet “two extraordinary women” and “find their lives transformed.” Julie Delpy will also star in The Bachelors, presumably as one of the extraordinary women, but the other roles—including the crucial 17-year-old son and second extraordinary woman—have yet to be cast.

Sweet November’s Kurt Voelker will direct The Bachelors from he script that he also wrote.


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