Harry Potter mastermind J.K. Rowling has won her lawsuit to keep a publishing company from releasing a book version of the popular fan reference website The Harry Potter Lexicon. Written by school librarian Steven Vander Ark, who also ran the former site, the proposed book appropriated too much of Rowling's original content to be considered a reference guide, according to the judge's statement. The text of the court decision notes that RDR Books must pay $750 in statutory damages for each of the seven Potter books as well as Rowling's two spin-offs, a total of $6750–good thing, as Rowling only has about $1.1 billion to her name. Rowling has said the case was never about money, and that she planned to pen her own encyclopedic work with proceeds going to charity–though she has since said she's not sure if she has "the will or the heart" to do so anymore. Vander Ark, meanwhile, is working on another Potter book that explores the geographic locations found throughout the series.

Source: BBC News, mugglenet.com.