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It’s been close to a month since there was any “J.K. Rowling takes over all the media” news, so here’s a new dose: HBO has signed on to co-produce the miniseries adaptation of Rowling’s 2012 novel, A Casual Vacancy. This was Rowling’s first post-Harry Potter book, and it examines small-town English life through the lens of a local election. The book was relatively well-received—if only for the curiosity factor of seeing a phenomenally successful YA writer replace wands and spells with used condoms and drug use. With this, the Robert Galbraith novels, the recently announced Harry Potter spin-off project, and the ever-expanding online Potterverse, Rowling is on-course to retain her Wealthiest Writer title.


Sarah Phelps (EastEnders, 2011’s Great Expectations miniseries) will write. Rowling and Neil Blair will co-executive produce the series under the banner of their production company, Bronte Film And Television. It’s set to start filming this summer.

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