Last year, the literary world was thrown into a tizzy when it discovered that debut crime novelist Robert Galbraith was none other than Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling, hiding beneath the invisibility cloak of a pseudonym and an editor good at keeping secrets—at least, until it came out.

If there's one thing Rowling has learned from her Potter experience, it's that sequels sell, so Galbraith will return to write a follow-up, The Silkworm, due to hit bookstores June 19 of this year. The series follows detective Cormoran Strike—and frankly, given that the lead character has a name more ridiculous than "Mundungus Fletcher" or "Dedalus Diggle," it's surprising it took people so long to figure out Rowling was behind it. In the sequel, Strike will be investigating a missing novelist who leaves behind a manuscript spilling secrets about virtually everyone he knows, giving them all a motive for murder.

The new book should give both Potter and mystery fans something to look forward to, and floats the tantalizing (although slight) possibility that Harry Potter was itself a thinly veiled tell-all, and one of Rowling's grade-school teachers was actually a werewolf.