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J.J. Abrams working on another mystery project he won't tell you about

J.J. Abrams’ coy, seductive fan dance succeeded in making Super 8 a phenomenon well before an official trailer finally debuted, so it’s no surprise to see he’s taking a similar tactic with his newest Paramount project. All that’s known about it is that it’s a “mystery adventure,” one that will team Abrams with screenwriter Billy Ray, who has channeled his decades of rage over “Achy Breaky Heart” jokes into several successful screenplays, including Shattered Glass, State Of Play, The Hunger Games, and the upcoming feature film version of 24 and that revisionist, Channing Tatumed take on Peter Pan. Beyond that, there is absolutely nothing else that is known about Abrams’ “mystery adventure,” leaving everyone free to speculate and make “lens flare” jokes, which is much easier than actually parsing a plot.


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