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Photo: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Outside of some very grating tweets from Anthony Daniels, there hasn’t been much Star Wars: Episode IX news of late. Expect that to change, though, because director J.J. Abrams has announced that principal photography on the sequel has wrapped. Abrams revealed as much on Twitter, sharing with the news a sweet, emotional photo of the trilogy’s core trio.

“It feels impossible, but today wrapped photography on Episode IX,” he wrote. “There is no adequate way to thank this truly magical crew and cast. I’m forever indebted to you all.”


Below, you’ll see John Boyega (Finn) sandwiched between Daisy Ridley (Rey) and Oscar Isaac (Poe), the latter of whom looks misty as hell. There’s not much to gather from the pic, aside from Rey’s wicked hair buns and a desert setting that’s probably Jakku or Tatooine. But Oscar’s crying, you guys! They love each other! That’s so nice!

Boyega, too, expressed his gratitude via Twitter. “That’s a wrap on Star Wars episode 9 and the end to a chapter of my life that I couldn’t be more thankful for,” he wrote. “What a process! It really has been a joy to be in these movies surrounded by amazing people. JJ thank you for making my dreams come true.”


We’d check in to see how Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran are feeling, but shitty trolls drove them off social media, so scratch that.

As /Film notes, both The Force Awakens and Solo: A Star Wars Story had their titles announced on the day their productions wrapped, so there’s a solid chance we’ll get one for Episode IX soon. It’s all leading up to December 20, when Episode IX will end one era and pave the way for another, one that’s gonna drive the Last Jedi haters dogshit crazy.


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