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J. B. Smoove is going to promote Curb in this season 10 trailer, whether Larry David wants him to or not

Given that it’s a show based entirely around finding the borders and barriers of polite society, then dumping a bowl of soup all over them while loudly yelling “Fuck!” in front of their kids, it’s not surprising that the marketing for Curb Your Enthusiasm might explore that same transgression-friendly territory. That’s something ably demonstrated in the above trailer for the series upcoming tenth season, which sees co-star J. B. Smoove get in the ass of the show itself, forcing himself into a random scene between Larry David and Jeff Garlin and then refusing to leave. (After all, “I’m in this shit now!”)

Besides reinforcing the show’s basic conceit—i.e., that there is no real or functional difference between Larry David the irascible, put-upon TV character, and Larry David the irascible, put-upon human being—it’s also just one more great vehicle for Smoove, who never met an awkward situation or bit of fast-paced dialogue he couldn’t barrel into with zero regards for consequences. Also, it’s not like the fake scene he interrupted—in which David and Garlin are apparently arguing the merits of various seeds—was any great shakes in the first place, at least as far as we can tell. (Who doesn’t like poppy seed?)

HBO hasn’t set a return date for Curb’s latest season, but production on the series resumed last month.

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