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iZombie's Rose McIver to hang out with Ghosts for CBS

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Apparently determined to work her way through the entire roster of paranormal threats and ghoulies—kind of like the Supernatural folks, but at a significantly slower, and less lethal pace—actress Rose McIver is making the move from iZombie to Ghosts. Per THR, the former Power Ranger (look it up!) has signed on to star in CBS’s new sitcom pilot about a young couple who inherit a big old house and also all the walking, talking dead people who come with said house, which is presumably less than ideal.

Developed by writers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, the series is based off a BBC series that debuted last year, with Charlotte Ritchie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe as the unlucky couple, and a whole bunch of British comedy ringers playing the ghosts. McIver, meanwhile, is the second person to be cast in the American version, after The Good Place’s resident gossip columnist, Brandon Scott Jones, who’ll be playing a dead 1700s militiaman.


McIver—who spent five seasons eating brains and shifting personalities on the CW’s well-loved zombie series—will play Sam, a young freelance journalist who moves into a dead relative’s home with her sous-chef husband, presumably right after they finished pulling their professions out of a hat full of sexy but not especially well-paying television character jobs. Sam is described as a Type A personality; we can only assume she’ll be taking control of her various roommates’ unlives in short order, transforming them into a more efficient sort of afterlife.

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