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Photo: Shane Harvey (The CW)

As frequent fans of shows that often have more ambition, creativity, and talent than, uh, actual viewers, these big cancellation sprees can always be a little nervewracking for us here at The A.V. Club. So it’s always nice to see a quiet favorite manage to slip past the flailing axes and carve out another season for itself, as with today’s news that The CW is renewing consistent undead delight iZombie for a fifth year.


For the unfamiliar, the show stars Rose McIver as undead crimefighter Liv Moore (get it?!), who uses her zombie powers—including the ability to absorb the memories and skills of the brains she eats—to fight crimes. It’s also just a surprisingly refreshing burst of fun, even as its most recent season has gotten even darker and weirder, with the world learning about the threat of the zombie virus, and the U.S. government building a big old wall around “New Seattle.”

The series was reportedly on the bubble, but, per Deadline, has now officially un-lived to fight another day.

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