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Illustration for article titled Ivan Reitman further quells anticipation for emGhostbusters 3/em by suggesting Ashton Kutcher could be in it

Considering Bill Murray seems to be putting off making a decision about Ghostbusters 3 until such a time that Dan Aykroyd’s fears of a 2012 alien-led apocalypse make the whole thing moot anyway, it’s up to director Ivan Reitman to deal with rumors about the project in the interim and, ideally, make the whole prospect sound so terrible that eventually everyone just stops asking about it. Or at least, that’s the only explanation we can provide for the following interview clip, in which Reitman politely takes a few Ghostbusters questions with his No Strings Attached star Ashton Kutcher by his side, and—after mentioning, as we keep hearing, that Murray has “seen the script” (or, at least, the cover page)—responds to whether Kutcher himself could play a role as one of the “new generation” Ghostbusters by saying it’s “absolutely possible.” Obviously Reitman is just politely going with the flow here and not seriously considering Kutcher for a role, but just seeing the idea floated should be enough to kill any lingering interest you might have in another Ghostbusters, at least until the next round of speculation. [Digital Spy]


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