Those of you following live online coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote at Apple's "Let's Rock" event this morning when you should have been doing work—shame on you!—are probably already aware of the sorta-exciting new stuff the tech giant has in store for its minions, including a new iPod Nano and Touch. Perhaps more exciting, though, for those of us who are perfectly content with our same old 80-gig classic, are a couple of changes over in the iTunes store.

Last August, NBC Universal declined to renew its contract with the number-one digital content provider, meaning fans couldn't (legally) download NBC-owned shows like The Office, Battlestar Galactica, and Project Runway. Well, it seems Jobs and NBC have decided to make nice again in the name of making lots and lots of money. NBC programming has returned to the iTunes fold as of this morning, which means we can once again spend our morning commute watching 30 Rock reruns on a tiny, tiny screen.

Those with bigger, fancier displays at their disposal should be happy about the second major addition to the iTunes Store: HD television shows. Previously, only movies were offered in HD.


Source: Gizmodo.