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iTunes is offering up free seasons of The Good Wife and Jane The Virgin, too

Jane The Virgin

Yesterday, we reported on the fact that The CW was giving away the first season of Rachel Bloom’s inventively weird My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for free on iTunes, as part of a campaign to earn the show a little more attention when Emmy nomination time comes around. Well, now it looks like the For Your Consideration gods are being extra for your considerate, as The New York Times is reporting that you can also snag seasons of The Good Wife, Jane The Virgin, and Madam Secretary via the Apple service.

To be clear, it’s only the currently airing seasons of the shows that are available, so if you want to dig into the backstories of Alicia Florek, Jane Villanueva, and Mary Secretary (or whatever the name of Tea Leoni’s character on Madam Secretary happens to be), you’ll have to poke around on Netflix or Amazon. Still: free stuff! Hooray!


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