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It's Will Smith vs. de-aged Will Smith in Ang Lee's Gemini Man

Ang Lee shot his last film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, in 3D at 120 frames per second of 4K resolution, and he’s done so again with his follow-up, an eye-popping action extravaganza that one could argue better suits the technology than the somber story of an Iraq War veteran. Gemini Man stars Will Smith as an aging assassin in combat with another, younger assassin also played by Will Smith.

To answer your question, yes, they de-aged Will Smith to play his 25-year old clone and it looks pretty good! Of course, one should expect as much from Lee, who’s proven himself to be a VFX innovator time and again, most notably with his Oscar-winning Life Of Pi. The question is whether theaters will even opt to show his movie in 120fps, as only two theaters in the U.S. chose to show Billy Lynn in its intended format. As Indiewire notes, Paramount is prepared for such and will be releasing Gemini Man at normal frame rates as well.

No matter how it’s screened, though, we’ll be able to heartily laugh at lines like, “You made a person out of another person, then you sent me to kill him.” By the looks of this trailer, Gemini Man is a pretty half-baked spin on Rian Johnson’s 2012 mind-bender Looper, but the abundance of motorcycle-as-weapon shots nevertheless have us excited.


Gemini Man, which also stars Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Benedict Wong, will heave a motorcycle at you on October 11.

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