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It's trailer happy hour, so let's watch Denzel Washington kill some dudes with a teapot

Photo: Mark Sagliocco (Getty Images)

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where we take all the day’s smaller promos and teases, mash them into a thin, nutritious gruel, and feed it back to you through a tube. Today, we’ve got a starstruck Constance Wu, a bunch of wrestling maniacs, and an inappropriate use for a teapot, so let’s dive in.

First up: The Equalizer 2, out August 3. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any great Hollywood star is in need of at least one franchise where they just kill the shit out of a bunch of bad guys, and for Denzel Washington, that’s Antoine Fuqua’s Equalizer movies. The trailer for the franchise’s second installment sees Denzel wear a fake revenge beard, stab a bunch of people and, yes, beat a guy down with a very fancy looking teapot. But hey, he also finds some time to laugh; that’s so important when you’re in the middle of a rampage.


Next up, we’ve got a Flashdance-inspired trailer for the second season of Netflix’s GLOW, featuring pretty much all the show’s roster of wrestling powerhouses. They’re maniacs, apparently. Maniacs on the floor, wrestling like they’ve never wrestled before (and getting yelled at by Marc Maron in the process). The show returns for its second neon-streaked outing on June 29.


Meanwhile, on the far side of the socioeconomic spectrum from a dingy wrestling locker room, we’ve got the first teaser for Constance Wu’s Crazy Rich Asians. Based on Kevin Kwan’s bestseller, the film sees the Fresh Off The Boat star’s character confronting the fact that her boyfriend isn’t just rich, but “sole heir to one of the richest families on the planet” rich.

Finally, we’ve got new footage of Melissa McCarthy getting her Rodney Dangerfield on, in the parent-goes-back-to-college-with-her-kid comedy Life Of The Party. No sign of Kurt Vonnegut or Robert Downey Jr., but McCarthy and her “va-Google” do seem to be having a pretty fun time of it. Life Of The Party crashes into theaters on May 11.


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