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Dave Grohl is “currently looking for work” after the Foo Fighters were forced to postpone dates on their 25th anniversary Van Tour, so he’s defied his “dad rock” bonafides by joining the kids on Instagram. Instead of taking after many of his contemporaries by livestreaming concerts, he’s choosing to scratch another artistic itch by writing short stories about what has to be one of the most badass lives in modern music. Via his davestruestories account, he’s promised to share “some of the more ridiculous moments of my life with you.”


There’s only one post so far: An introduction in which the “total fucking spaz” says he’s recently been inspired by his mother, “a brilliant English teacher,” and his dad, “a wicked speechwriter.”  

“Hi, my name is Dave,” he writes. “Sometimes I play drums. Sometimes I play guitar. Sometimes I tell stories. I’m currently looking for work, so I’d thought I’d pass the time by writing short stories that will make people smile.”

More than 150,000 people have already subscribed to maybe hear Grohl dust off his hazy memories of touring with Nirvana, recording The Colour and the Shape, and starring in The Pick Of Destiny. Maybe he’ll also regale us with tales of his epic stage tumble? He’s got no shortage of stories.


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