In the growing tradition of TV comedies that died an early death, Bret McKenzie says he’s hoping to revive the beautiful corpse of Flight Of The Conchords with a movie. Aww yeah girl, it’s “vague intimations of the intention to further a cultishly adored project with a big-screen iteration that as of yet has no concrete specifics” time, you know how I know? Because McKenzie put on his “hypothetical business” socks and told The Hollywood Reporter that he and his partner in comedy-funk Jemaine Clement are “going to try and do a movie,” saying after a screening of The Muppets (where he served as music supervisor) that he could reunite with Muppets/Conchords director James Bobin and co-star Kristen Schaal soon for a film update of the short-lived HBO series. In fact, they’d do it right this minute, save for one caveat: “We just need a story.” So that’s not such a big deal. We could all probably hammer that out for them right now in the comments section. It’s not like you’re going to get any work done today anyway.