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It's time to start talking about a Justice League movie again, apparently

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The making of a Justice League movie has developed its own complex origin story, one you should read really slowly so as to take up the next 45 minutes, beginning with a script that was kicked around in the mid-'00s, briefly cast with huge future stars of the time like Adam Brody, then felled by the writers' strike, only to be resurrected on a parallel Earth where Batman and Superman look totally different. Today Variety adds another sketchily drawn panel with the news that Warner Bros. has hired Gangster Squad writer Will Beall—who's already dabbled in the creation of his own parallel earths by writing remakes of Logan's Run and Lethal Weapon—and tasked him with crafting just the latest version of a Justice League movie, with the bonus of inevitable comparisons to The Avengers added to that already-dubious plan of having its most famous characters be separate, standalone versions from both Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series and Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel. (Fortunately, comic book movie fans take that sort of thing very lightly. "Hey, it's just a dude in tights punching things. No biggie," you will often hear them say.)


Anyway, there's still no indication whether this long-promised complete overhaul also means scrapping Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, nor whether the plan is still to release Justice League before those movie versions of The Flash and Wonder Woman that are still technically in the works, nor how many more years we can expect to talk about this project before Warner Bros. just rushes it haphazardly into theaters finally or stops talking about it forever. We will cautiously predict "probably," "almost definitely," and "several."

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