Even more than the promise of Micchone and the deaths of Lori and Carl as they are abandoned to be consumed slowly by zombies who are unusually dainty eaters, their agonized pleas echoing hollowly against the stony walls of a world that has simply had enough—a plot twist it's not too late to add to the premiere, writers—likely the most anticipated part of The Walking Dead's third season is the reveal of its chief antagonist, The Governor. But thanks to this photo from TV Guide, you don't have to wait until October to see what British person David Morrissey looks like as the character, or begin complaining about the many ways in which the TV version differs from his comic-book incarnation.

As you can see from this just-released photo, the producers have opted for a far more conservative appearance, cleaning up his intimidating, Danny Trejo-meets-Snake Plissken look, and instead conveying the Governor's gristly fortitude through his quilted vest, which only the very roughest of L.L. Bean customers wear. Of course, while they may have taken a few creative liberties that purists will get angry with provided they have any anger left in them at this point, you have to admit that this is more the kind of look that gets you elected.