According to Variety, three of Jerry Lewis’ most popular films from his 1960s heyday are headed for big-screen remakes, with Lewis himself signing over the rights—even though Jerry Lewis films existed primarily as window-dressing to Lewis’ extended pratfalls and awkward man-child routine, which would seem to negate the idea of just handing them over to some other comedian. (Lewis was notoriously dissatisfied with Eddie Murphy’s fart-laden take on The Nutty Professor, for instance.) But whatever the reason that is certainly not money, The Bellboy, Cinderfella, and The Family Jewels are now each in development as a “stand-alone comedy franchise” (because every movie is a franchise now), with each being handed over to a different “major comedy star” to make their own, and their success potentially setting up subsequent remake-cum-franchises for The Patsy, Who’s Minding The Store?, and The Errand Boy. No word yet on who those “major comedy stars” might be yet, of course, but suddenly it seems like Chris Colfer might be angling for a part.