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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Its time to pick the fourth TV Roundtable readers choice, so find your favorite interloper

As we come to the end of our fourth round of the TV Roundtable—our panelists’ take on Square Pegs goes up later today, and they’ll take on Press Your Luck next week—it’s time for you folks to jump on in and offer us your suggestions for the readers’ choice pick, the nominees for which will be revealed at this time on Monday. Post in comments with your picks under the theme of interlopers. Look for the sorts of characters who come into the day-to-day lives of the series’ regular characters and point out how ridiculous they are for behaving as they do, the characters who disrupt the normal rhythms of the show, the characters who act like Jack Black in that one Community episode.


Please remember, however, that the Jack Black episode of Community is ineligible, as are all things previously covered in TV Club or about to be covered imminently in TV Club. If you think we might have covered it, give it a search. We’re always looking for TV outside of stuff we already know about, and forcing all of you to think outside of the box, too, results in you finding programs that we didn’t realize we hadn’t covered, which then win the vote in landslides. Is there a first season 30 Rock episode you’ll find this time? Only time will tell!

The nomination period will last the next 72 hours, and we’ll announce the nominees Monday, with the winner being announced in next Wednesday’s Roundtable. See you then!

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