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It's time to look at the new Mad Men poster and pretend we know what's going to happen

Mad Men is well-known for leaving symbolic clues in the posters previewing upcoming seasons: The fourth season’s shots of an empty office, pointing toward Don Draper grappling with redefining himself after losing everything familiar. The fifth season’s stiffly posed, shop-window illusion of domestic bliss, and the mannequin Don totally got it on with. With that in mind, here’s season six as laid out by Brian Sanders, commercial artist of that era, with plenty more visual clues as to what to expect.

Having been exposed to the red Kryptonite, this season finds Don split into Gray Don and Black Don, each representing a distinct if equally stoic side of his personality. As Black Don goes on a subdued rampage, parading around the leaning skyscrapers of Manhattan with the severed, chiffon-clad arm he suavely pulled from a passing debutante, he shoots a knowing glance at Gray Don, who’s way too busy with work to deal with that shit right now. Several drunk cops stand around nervously, hoping no one notices they’ve parked in the wrong direction on a one-way street. In the background, Betty has turned into a plane.


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