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It's time to accept that Happy Endings is really and truly dead

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After three seasons of low ratings, multiple time slot changes, and that one dark night when ABC crashed into your living room, its hands around Happy Endings’ throat as it screamed, “Don’t make me do it!” while you just sat there, having pledged to no longer get caught up in this exhausting melodrama, Happy Endings is finally dead. Deadline reports that Sony has called off the search for a new, more stable foster home as the cast members’ contracts expired today, officially ending the series.


Though there was a brief glimmer of hope that Happy Endings could follow Cougar Town to the battered sitcom sanctuary of basic cable by landing on the USA Network, ultimately USA—like the U.S.A.—rejected it, deciding it would rather focus on developing its own original shows. It was also no doubt put off by the Happy Endings’ crew’s refusal to consider constructive criticisms like, “Where’s the beach? Where’s the suits? What kind of show is this?”

For those finally allowing themselves to mourn its loss, the Happy Endings writer’s room has been closing up shop by sharing some rejected and unused jokes on Twitter, and reading these may help you remember the good times that you never actually got to have and definitely won't now. You may also take some comfort in knowing that at least Happy Endings is at peace now.

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