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It's the weekend, why not listen to some classic '80s Detroit techno?

The history of techno can't be told without The Electrifying Mojo, a 1980s Detroit radio show that first played the melánge of sounds that would influence the city's emerging electronic music scene, and then that electronic music itself. A central figure on that show was The Wizard, a recurring guest DJ who went on to success as an artist under his real name, Jeff Mills. Mills has released 25 albums of material since 1992, including unofficial soundtracks to Buster Keaton's The Three Ages and Fritz Lang's Metropolis. In honor of Mills' 50th birthday, German blog Nerdcore is streaming seven half-hour sets from his radio show at the end of the '80s. It's a great snapshot of the era for any fan of electronic music, and a fine way to start the weekend.


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